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Born in 1957 in Marburg, Harald Haeuser grew up in Germany and in Paris.
He studied Political Sciences, Literature and Linguistics in Constance (1977-1978) and painting at the Academy of Fine arts in Karlsruhe (1978-1983).
In 1980, he travelled to Asia, where he developed an own symbolist writing style in his work. In succession, he planned eight stays in Asia as well as an exhibition at the Goethe Institute Colombo (Sri Lanka).
In the same year, he founded the artists’ group “Kriegfried”, which performed at the Venice Biennial.
In 1981, he travelled to Tunisia, where he started to work with ceramics and calligraphy. Regular visits to Tunisia followed in the next years, including an art exhibition at the Tunis Goethe Institute.
In 1983, he participated in the exhibition “Germinations” which toured from the Museum Fridericianum, Kassel to the Gulbenkian Hall, London, to the Royal Academy, Edinburgh and to the University of Mulhouse.
In 1987 he and his wife visited Sharjah for the first time. Spontaneously he is given the opportunity to show his works in the lobby of the Hotel Continental (now Radisson).   
Also in 1987 he began his artistic work in Savannah (USA), where he was offered a studio to work. During his annual stays in the USA  he exhibited in galleries, art centers, such as the Goethe Institute in Atlanta and the German House in New York.
Since 1992, he regularly works in Paris for one or two months a year, where he exhibited at the German Embassy, a.o..
In 1994, he was working in the guest studio of the city of Salzburg/Austria and two years later he had a Konrad Adenauer Foundation scholarship.
In 2003 he stayed in Sharjah for one month and paints the installation “Sharjah city lights”, which was then exhibited at the Biennial for Calligraphy at the Sharjah Museum of Art.
Harald Häuser’s works are e.g. in the permanent collection “Globalculture” of the Museum in Karlsruhe, the Grassi Museum in Leipzig and the Neue Pinakothek in Munich.

portrait photo of the artist
taken by Martha Gudrun Haeuser

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